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YWIEK Curriculum

Yew Wah Early Childhood Education Research and Development Centre has developed a unique international education curriculum for children aged six or below, which takes reference of advanced researches, early childhood education philosophies and practices local and worldwide. The curriculum of YWIEK includes, Toddler Curriculum(aged 2 to 3), Early Childhood Curriculum (aged 3 to 5) and Pre-Primary Preparation Curriculum(aged 5 to 6). Beside that, Yew Wah ECE Research and Development Centre looks carefully at some specific learning and development domains of children, and developed several unique activities programmes: Yew Wah Adaption Programme for New Students, Yew Wah Early Literacy Education Programme, Yew Wah Early Mathematics Education Programme, Yew Wah English Programme, Yew Wah Early Music and Movement Programme and Yew Wah Early Physical Development Programme.

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